Calcium- and Light-gated switch of neuronal activity for gene expressi…

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  • 2017-03-08


[BK21 Plus Seminar]

▶Subject: Calcium- and Light-gated switch of neuronal activity for gene expression

▶Speaker: Jung Ho Hyun, Ph.D. (Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience)
▶Date: 4:00PM/March. 15(Wed.)/2017
▶Place: Life Science Bldg. #104
The identification and manipulation of an active population of neurons during a specific action or perception have been a long-standing challenge in neuroscience. We developed a dual protein switch system named Calcium and Light-Induced Gene Handling Toolkit, “Cal-Light”, that drives neuronal activity-dependent gene expression in response to light and calcium. This technique targets individual neurons for specific gene expression and fine-scale labeling, allowing the single cell activity profile of a given neuronal population to be mapped out. In vivo viral injection of Cal-Light into the motor cortex successfully labeled a subset of excitatory and inhibitory neurons related to lever-pressing motor behaviors. Silencing the activity of the labeled neurons impaired the learned behaviors, indicating that the Cal-Light system can effectively assess a behaviorally relevant neuronal population in a genetically identifiable manner. Thus, the Cal-Light system greatly improves the ability to dissect neural circuits underlying complex mammalian behaviors with high spatiotemporal precision.

▶Inquiry: Prof. Park, Sang Ki (279-2349)
* This seminar will be given in Korean.
Please refrain from taking photos during seminars. *