Mouse genetics in immunology

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  • 2014-01-22


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▶ 제 목 :  Mouse genetics in immunology

▶ 일 시 : 2007년 5월 30일(수) 오후 12:30~14:30

▶ 장 소 : 생명공학연구센터 2층 중회의실

▶ 연 사 : 이한웅 박사 (연세대)


It has been over 25 years since transgenic and completely knocked-out mice could be produced in order to upregulate and/or knock out a single gene function for the in vivo functional study of valuable genes. In case of transgenic technology, DNA is microinjected into mouse pronuclei which are then oviduct-transferred to pseudopregnant mice. Newborn mice from these foster motherscarry random-inserted transgenes, hopefully exhibiting interesting phenotypes for scientists to study the function of transgenes. The knockout mouse technologyutilizes embryonic stem cell culture and homologous recombination, replacing the precise corresponding chromosomal locus with any modified homologous genes, producing complete knockout mice. In my talk, these two systems and their applied technologies will be presented for in vivo model studies. Cre/Lox strategy is using the enzymatic capacity of Cre recombinase which can recognizetwo Lox P sites in the mammalian genome to create temporal and/or tissue-specific conditional knockout mice. More recently siRNA in the Lentiviral vector can be utilized to generate knockdown mice, which is very fast and can exhibit epigenetic control of a specific gene. In this seminar, the basic principles and their applications will be introduced. 


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