Temporal roles of BMP signaling in early zebrafish development

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  • 2014-01-22


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▶  제목 : Temporal roles of BMP signaling in early zebrafish development


▶  연사 : Professor David Kimelman

          - University of Washington, Department of Biochemistry


▶  일시 : 2007년 5월 23일 (수) 오후 03:00


▶  장소 : 생명과학과 1층 세미나실 104호


Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (Bmps) play critical roles in the development of both vertebrate and invertebrate embryos.   Analysis of the different roles of Bmp signaling in development has been hampered by the fact that techniques that disrupt Bmp signaling alter this pathway throughout all stages of development, and thus different temporal roles of Bmp signaling are typically obscured.  We have produced a transgenic line of zebrafish in which we can conditionally inhibit Bmp signaling at different times of development.  We show that Bmp signaling plays several critical early roles in regulating the formation of the posterior end of the embryo.  One very early role sets aside a group of muscle cells that form the most posterior end of the embryo (the tail muscles).  A slightly later role of Bmp signaling is involved in regulating an important embryological structure called the cloaca.  Our results demonstrate that the role of Bmp signaling changes dramatically over a short period of time within the vertebrate embryo.

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