New techniques for integrative mapping of neural network

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  • 2019-07-26


[Life Sciences Seminar]


▶Subject: New techniques for integrative mapping of neural network


▶Speaker: Young-Gyun Park, Ph.D. (Picower Institute for Learning and Memory & Institute for Medical Engineering and Science, MIT)

▶Date: 2:00 PM/Aug. 6(Tue.)/2019

▶Place: Room 104, Life Science Bldg.


To completely understand brain function, system-wide extraction of multimodal information from neural network, which can be termed as integrative brain mapping, is necessary. In this talk, I will introduce two techniques we developed, termed SHIELD and eFLASH, that allows us to access structures, molecules, and functional activity of individual neurons from intact brain sample. Applications of the techniques including brain-wide mapping of engram (memory-storing) cells will be presented. This integrative mapping approach will reveal comprehensive mechanism of brain functions, novel aspects of neural interaction, and efficient therapeutics for brain diseases.


▶Inquiry: Prof. Seung Yeol Park (279-2325)


 * This seminar will be given in English.
  Please refrain from taking photos during seminars. *