Pathogenicity and Resistance in the Interaction between

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Pathogenicity and Resistance in the Interaction between

Downy Mildew and Arabidopsis


- Date/Time : Tue September 16., 2003


- Speaker : Prof. Jim Beynon

            - Horticulture Research International 


- Place : Life Science Bldg. #104

- For inquires : Professor Hong Gil Nam Dept. of Life Science

             생명과학과 남홍길 교수 (☎279-2111)


- Abstract -

  Oomycete organisms are serious pathogens of crop plants and are more closely related to the brown algae and not fungi.  We have been using the Arabidopsis model system to understand the nature of resistance to these pathogens.  We have cloned a range of resistance genes from the plant and each one appears to have a novel evolutionary history.  I will describe two such genes; RPP2  and RPP13.  RPP2  appears to acts as a membrane anchored gene pair whereas RPP13 is a single gene for which we have cloned a functional allelic series.  RPP13  is the most variable gene that has been described in Arabidposis to date, suggesting it is under intense selective pressure.   This selection for variation may be driven by the downy mildew pathogen.  To understand the role of downy mildew genes in pathogenicity we have cloned genes from the pathogen that are expressed only during plant infection.  We have shown that one of these is the gene that stimulates RPP13 mediated resistance.