Antigen-targeting ligands to M cells for antigen-specific mucosal immu…

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  • 2019-03-11


[2019 Spring Life Sciences & IBB Seminar]


▶Subject: Antigen-targeting ligands to M cells for antigen-specific mucosal immune enhancement: screening, application, and their underlying mechanisms


▶Speaker: Prof. Yong-Suk Jang  (Chonbuk National University)


▶Date: 4:30PM/Mar. 15(Fri.)/2019


▶Place: Auditorium(1F), Postech Biotech Center


Various pathogens initiate their infection through the mucosa. Therefore, induction of mucosal immunity against pathogenic antigens is an important aspect to develop successful protective measures against the pathogens. Despite the importance of mucosal immune induction against various pathogens, very few oral mucosa vaccines are currently available. Limited availability of mucosal vaccines can be attributed to the difficulty in inducing efficient mucosal immune responses because it is achievable only following antigen entry into the mucosal immune inductive site such as Peyer’s patches (PPs) and antigen-specific immune induction. Moreover, mucosal epithelial cells tightly restrict the influx of luminal antigens and predominantly induce the tolerogenic immune response. The follicle-associated epithelium of the PPs contains M cells, which are epithelial cells specialized to internalize luminal antigens. The high transcytotic activity of M cells makes them attractive targets for mucosal antigen delivery. However, it remains unclear whether antigen delivery to M cells alone can guarantee the effective induction of a mucosal immune response. Consequently, our research interest is focused on developing strategies that efficiently targets antigens to M cells and enhances the efficiency of mucosal immune induction against the antigens. The role of M cell-targeting ligand that we identified and its receptor, complement 5a receptor, and the mechanisms underlying its action on mucosal immune induction will be discussed.


▶Inquiry: Prof. Seung-Woo Lee (279-2355)


 * This seminar will be given in English.
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