Single-cell and single-molecule transcriptome profiling with RNA modif…

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  • 2019-01-30




▶Subject: Single-cell and single-molecule transcriptome profiling with RNA modifications

▶Speaker: Kyung Lock Kim, Ph.D.
               ( Department of Pathology and Center for Cancer Research, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School)

​▶Date: 11:00AM/Jan. 31(Thur.)/2019

▶Place: ​Conference room(#179), Postech Biotech Center

An extensive repertoire of epigenetic modifications is known to influence transcriptional and post-transcriptional steps in gene expression by controlling the versatile coding, structural and catalytical functions. Although diverse bulk sequencing techniques with epigenetic modifications are developed, in-depth study of single-cell epigenetic sequencing (DNA, RNA and histone modifications) has been impeded by a lack of robust analytical methods. Here we present the novel single-cell sequencing method to profile transcriptome with RNA modifications. Using >60k nanowell technique for single-cell isolation and high-throughput single-molecule imaging, we reveal that individual cells exhibit different level of each epigenetic mark in single-cell transcriptome. In addition, we demonstrate the single-molecule sequencing with combinatorial epigenetic marks in individual cells. Finally, we identify cell subpopulations defined by differences in epi-transcriptomic states. Our approach has the potential to uncover combinatorial modifications states on single molecules, and to investigate their variability across single cells and conditions.

▶Inquiry: Prof. Sung Ho Ryu (279-2292)


 * This seminar will be given in English.
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