Signal Transduction in the CNS: Protein Phosphorylation

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Signal Transduction in the CNS: Protein Phosphorylation

and Dephosphorylation


- Date/Time : Wed August 6., 2003


- Speaker : James A. Bibb, Ph.D.

                - Univ. of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


- Place : Life Science Bldg. #104

- For inquires : Professor Sung Key Jang Dept. of Life Science

                 생명과학과 장승기 교수 (☎279-2294)


Abstract -

  Signal transduction mechanisms must be considered not as linear processes initiated when first messengers bind to their receptors, but in the context of an intracellular fabric where signaling pathways intertwine and impinge upon each other in an extremely complex organization. Understanding this organization at the biochemical level is a key to understanding how neurons in the brain function as well as the basis for a variety of neurological disorders. The focus of this presentation will be novel protein phosphorylation/dephosphorylation signaling events as they relate to normal brain function and neurological and neuropsychiatric disease. Attention will be devoted to dopamine signaling, drug abuse, and neuronal structural and functional plasticity. Data demonstrating biochemical characterization of novel signaling events will be presented.  Studies of the physiological function of these events at the levels of individual cells, tissue, and the whole organism will also be discussed.