Hidden Dynamics and Landscape of Plant Signaling Net-works

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  • 2018-04-23


▶Subject: Hidden Dynamics and Landscape of Plant Signaling Net-works

▶Speaker: Prof. Jen Sheen (Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School )

▶Date: 4:30PM/Apr. 27(Fri.)/2018
All biological systems operate with complex, dynamic and intertwined signaling networks. Mutations in functionally essential genes frequently lead to lethality or ambiguity due to genetic redundancy, feedback regulation or compensation, and display conflicting or unpredictable experimental observations in plants and animals. To uncover the hidden and novel insights of the plant regulatory networks and precisely interpret the relationships between genotypes and phenotypes, we integrate targeted functional genomic analyses with quantitative chemical reprogramming to dissect new roles of central and conserved protein kinase cascades in multi-stress signaling, complex immunity switches, and cell fate specification and determination. We demonstrate the versatile and distinct functions of Arabidopsis MAPKs as the central core of diverse stress and immune signaling networks. Six intertwined MAPK programs underlie multilayer immune responses elicited by MAMP, DAMP and protease signals. Dynamic and dose control of MAPK activity in vivo exerts threshold sensitive signaling that specifies opposite consequences of immunity programs. Novel MAPK regulation of master transcription factors controls the unexpected stem cell reprogramming in leaf epidermal and root meristem niches. Our integrated approaches open new possibilities for analyzing a wide range of signaling cascade functions in live organisms of broad contexts not previously addressed.

▶Inquiry: Prof. Il-Doo Hwang (279-2291)

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