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Inflammation-induced Id2 promotes plasticity in regulatory T cells.

  • 저널명NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 9(1):4736. doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-07254-2
    • 담당교수Sin-Hyeog Im
    • 조회238
    • 작성자최고관리자
    • 2020-03-04


    ■ Abstract
    TH17 cells originating from regulatory T (Treg) cells upon loss of the Treg-specific transcription factor Foxp3 accumulate in sites of inflammation and aggravate autoimmune diseases. Whether an active mechanism drives the generation of these pathogenic ‘ex-Foxp3 TH17’ cells, remains unclear. Here we show that pro-inflammatory cytokines enhance the expression of transcription regulator Id2, which mediates cellular plasticity of Treg into ex-Foxp3 TH17 cells. Expression of Id2 in in vitro differentiated iTreg cells reduces the expression of Foxp3 by sequestration of the transcription activator E2A, leading to the induction of TH17-related cytokines. Treg-specific ectopic expression of Id2 in mice significantly reduces the Treg compartment and causes immune dysregulation. Cellular fate-mapping experiments reveal enhanced Treg plasticity compared to wild-type, resulting in exacerbated experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis pathogenesis or enhanced anti-tumor immunity. Our findings suggest that controlling Id2 expression may provide a novel approach for effective Treg cell immunotherapies for both autoimmunity and cancer.