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Structure Basis for Shaping the Nse4 Protein by the Nse1 and Nse3 Dime…

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  • 저널명J Mol Biol . 2021 Apr 30;433(9):166910
    • 담당교수Yunje Cho
    • 조회153
    • 작성자최고관리자
    • 2021-10-14


    ■ Abstract

    The Smc5/6 complex facilitates chromosome replication and DNA break repair. Within this complex, a subcomplex composed of Nse1, Nse3 and Nse4 is thought to play multiple roles through DNA binding and regulating ATP-dependent activities of the complex. However, how the Nse1-Nse3-Nse4 subcomplex carries out these multiple functions remain unclear. To address this question, we determine the crystal structure of the Xenopus laevis Nse1-Nse3-Nse4 subcomplex at 1.7 Å resolution and examine how it interacts with DNA. Our structural analyses show that the Nse1-Nse3 dimer adopts a closed conformation and forms three interfaces with a segment of Nse4, forcing it into a Z-shaped conformation. The Nse1-Nse3-Nse4 structure provides an explanation for how the lung disease immunodeficiency and chromosome breakage syndrome-causing mutations could dislodge Nse4 from Nse1-Nse3. Our DNA binding and mutational analyses reveal that the N-terminal and the middle region of Nse4 contribute to DNA interaction and cell viability. Integrating our data with previous crosslink mass spectrometry data, we propose potential roles of the Nse1-Nse3-Nse4 complex in binding DNA within the Smc5/6 complex.