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Protective and Therapeutic Effects of an IL-15:IL-15Rα-Secreting Cell-…

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  • 저널명Cancers (Basel) . 2021 Aug 11;13(16):4039
    • 담당교수Jie-Oh Lee
    • 조회320
    • 작성자최고관리자
    • 2021-10-13


    ■ Abstract

    This study reports the use of the BacMam system to deliver and express self-assembling IL-15 and IL-15Rα genes to murine B16F10 melanoma and CT26 colon cancer cells. BacMam-based IL-15 and IL-15Rα were well-expressed and assembled to form the biologically functional IL-15:IL-15Rα complex. Immunization with this IL-15:IL-15Rα cancer vaccine delayed tumor growth in mice by inducing effector memory CD4+ and CD8+ cells and effector NK cells which are tumor-infiltrating. It caused strong antitumor immune responses of CD8+ effector cells in a tumor-antigen specific manner both in vitro and in vivo and significantly attenuated Treg cells which a control virus-infected cancer vaccine could induce. Post-treatment with this cancer vaccine after a live cancer cell injection also prominently delayed the growth of the tumor. Collectively, we demonstrate a vaccine platform consisting of BacMam virus-infected B16F10 or CT26 cancer cells that secrete IL-15:IL-15Rα. This study is the first demonstration of a functionally competent soluble IL-15:IL-15Rα complex-related cancer vaccine using a baculovirus system and advocates that the BacMam system can be used as a secure and rapid method of producing a protective and therapeutic cancer vaccine.