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Plant-based, adjuvant-free, potent multivalent vaccines for avian infl…

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  • 저널명J Integr Plant Biol . 2021 Aug;63(8):1505-1520
    • 담당교수Inhwan Hwang
    • 조회317
    • 작성자최고관리자
    • 2021-10-13


    ■ Abstract

    Influenza epidemics frequently and unpredictably break out all over the world, and seriously affect the breeding industry and human activity. Inactivated and live attenuated viruses have been used as protective vaccines but exhibit high risks for biosafety. Subunit vaccines enjoy high biosafety and specificity but have a few weak points compared to inactivated virus or live attenuated virus vaccines, especially in low immunogenicity. In this study, we developed a new subunit vaccine platform for a potent, adjuvant-free, and multivalent vaccination. The ectodomains of hemagglutinins (HAs) of influenza viruses were expressed in plants as trimers (tHAs) to mimic their native forms. tHAs in plant extracts were directly used without purification for binding to inactivated Lactococcus (iLact) to produce iLact-tHAs, an antigen-carrying bacteria-like particle (BLP). tHAs BLP showed strong immune responses in mice and chickens without adjuvants. Moreover, simultaneous injection of two different antigens by two different formulas, tHAH5N6 + H9N2 BLP or a combination of tHAH5N6 BLP and tHAH9N2 BLP, led to strong immune responses to both antigens. Based on these results, we propose combinations of plant-based antigen production and BLP-based delivery as a highly potent and cost-effective platform for multivalent vaccination for subunit vaccines.