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Seminar 목록
Date Subject Speaker Place
2001.11.2(금.오후3:00) Study of inherited diseases using mouse models and embryonic ste
2001.11.2(금.오후3:00) / 오범석 박사
오범석 박사 생명과학관 104호 세미나실
2001.10.26(금.오후4:00) Diverse Mechanisms of Regulation of Transcription by RNA Polymer
2001.10.26(금.오후4:00) / Professor James Kado
Professor James Kado 생명과학관 세미나실 104호
2001.10.19(금.오후3:00) Regulation and functional coupling of enzymes involved in eicosa
2001.10.19(금.오후3:00) / Professor Ichiro Kud
Professor Ichiro Kud 생명과학관 104호 세미나실
2001.6.5(화.오후1:15) 치매의 현황과 예방
2001.6.5(화.오후1:15) / 김영훈 교수
김영훈 교수 생명관 104호 세미나실
2001.5.28(월.오전 9:30) osphate Nutrition in Plants
2001.5.28(월.오전 9:30) / Dr. Enrico Martionia
Dr. Enrico Martionia 화학관 401호
2001.5.11(금.오전11:00) Chemicals, Synthesized or Isolated from Natural Sources, As A To
2001.5.11(금.오전11:00) / 권병목 박사 (생명공학원)
권병목 박사 (생명공학원) 화학관 408호 멀티미디어실
2001.4.19(목.오전11:00) Chemical Genetic Studies of Protein Kinases
2001.4.19(목.오전11:00) / Kevan M. Shokat
Kevan M. Shokat 기계실험동 B 010 호
2002.3.15(금.오후4:00) Immunity & pathogenesis of H5N1 influenza virus
2002.3.15(금.오후4:00) / 서상희 박사
서상희 박사 생명과학관 104호 세미나실
2002.3.11(월.오후3:00) Involvement of A. thaliana ABC transporters in Cd and herbicides
2002.3.11(월.오후3:00) / Dr. Lucien Bovet
Dr. Lucien Bovet 생명과학관 104호 세미나실
2002.3.13(수.오후4:00) Lipid phosphorylation in the chloroplast envelop membranes
2002.3.13(수.오후4:00) / Dr. Lucien Bovet
Dr. Lucien Bovet 생명과학관 104호 세미나실
2002.2.6(수.오후2:00) NompA, an extracellular molecular linkage for mechanotransductio
2002.2.6(수.오후2:00) / 정연두 박사
정연두 박사 생명과학관 104호 세미나실
2014.2.7 (금) 오후2:00 The understanding of visual signal transduction from X-ray structure analysis of a protein
2014.2.7 (금) 오후2:00 / Yongju Kim Ph.D
Yongju Kim Ph.D 생명과학과 104호
2016.3.31(목) 오후4:30 Multi-Factorial Modulation of an Innate Behavior
2016.3.31(목) 오후4:30 / Prof. Young-Joon Kim
Prof. Young-Joon Kim PBC 대강당
2016.3.25(금) 오전11:00 Structural basis for cyclic nucleotide selectivity in cGMP dependent protein kinases
2016.3.25(금) 오전11:00 / Choel Kim, Ph.D.
Choel Kim, Ph.D. 화학관401호
2016.9.8(목) 오후4:00 Synaptic organization of cortical neurons and their functional changes in disease
2016.9.8(목) 오후4:00 / Juhyun Kim, PH.D.
Juhyun Kim, PH.D. 생명관 104호