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Seminar 목록
Date Subject Speaker Place
2019.5.3(Fri) 16:30 Lsm12 is a novel regulator of nucleocytoplasmic transport that suppresses C9orf72 poly(GR)-dependent…
2019.5.3(Fri) 16:30 / Prof. Chunghun Lim
Prof. Chunghun Lim PBC Auditorium
2019.5.2(Thur) 14:00 DDM1 a SNF2 chromatin remodeler controls nucleosome composition for heterochromatin silencing
2019.5.2(Thur) 14:00 / Seung Cho Lee, Ph.D.
Seung Cho Lee, Ph.D. PBC Auditorium
2019.4.19(Fri) 16:30 Re-evaluating extracellular vesicle-mediated miRNA transfer and regulation in cancer and HIV infecti…
2019.4.19(Fri) 16:30 / Prof. Kenneth Witwer
Prof. Kenneth Witwer PBC Auditorium
2019.4.19(Fri) 14:00 Through the Looking Glass: Behind the Scenes of Scientific Publishing
2019.4.19(Fri) 14:00 / Angela K. Eggleston
Angela K. Eggleston PBC Auditorium
2019.4.12(Fri.) 17:10 Sequencing the pepper genomes: What we learn?
2019.4.12(Fri.) 17:10 / Prof. Doil Choi
Prof. Doil Choi PBC Auditorium
2019.4.12(Fri,)16:15 Plant thermomorphogenesis -Warm temperature sensing, signaling, and adaptation-
2019.4.12(Fri,)16:15 / Prof. Chung-Mo Park
Prof. Chung-Mo Park PBC Auditorium
2019.4.5(Fri.) 15:00 My Key Inventions for Commercial Agricultural Product Development and Genome Editing Research at the…
2019.4.5(Fri.) 15:00 / Myeong-Je Cho, Ph.D.
Myeong-Je Cho, Ph.D. PBC Auditorium
2019.4.5(Fri.) 16:30 Systematic dissection of complex signaling pathways governing the brain infection of Cryptococcus ne…
2019.4.5(Fri.) 16:30 / Prof. Yong-Sun Bahn
Prof. Yong-Sun Bahn PBC Auditorium
2019.3.29(Fri.) 16:30 From bacterial virulence factor to vaccine adjuvant and cancer immunotherapeutics: The story of flag…
2019.3.29(Fri.) 16:30 / Prof. Joon Haeng Rhe
Prof. Joon Haeng Rhe PBC Auditorium
2019.3.22(Fri.) 17:10 Lateral root morphogenesis in Arabidopsis thaliana: from cytoskeleton to metabolism
2019.3.22(Fri.) 17:10 / Prof. Alexis Maurice Maizel
Prof. Alexis Maurice Maizel PBC Auditorium
2019.3.22(Fri.) 16:15 Plant innate immunity: from the plasma membrane to the field
2019.3.22(Fri.) 16:15 / Prof. Cyril Zipfel
Prof. Cyril Zipfel PBC Auditorium
2019.3.18(Mon.) 16:30 Bcl6 controls the follicular helper T cell (Tfh) genetic program via inhibition-of-inhibitor mechani…
2019.3.18(Mon.) 16:30 / Jinyong Choi, Ph.D.
Jinyong Choi, Ph.D. PBC Auditorium
2019.3.15(Fri.) 16:30 Antigen-targeting ligands to M cells for antigen-specific mucosal immune enhancement: screening, app…
2019.3.15(Fri.) 16:30 / Prof. Yong-Suk Jang
Prof. Yong-Suk Jang PBC Auditorium
2019.3.8(Fri.) 16:30 Watching Single Endogenous mRNA in Neurons in vivo
2019.3.8(Fri.) 16:30 / Prof. Hye Yoon Park
Prof. Hye Yoon Park PBC Auditorium
2019.01.31(Thur.) 11:00 Single-cell and single-molecule transcriptome profiling with RNA modifications
2019.01.31(Thur.) 11:00 / Kyung Lock Kim
Kyung Lock Kim PBC Conference room(#179)