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Seminar 목록
Date Subject Speaker Place
2017.5.12(Fri.) 16:30 Somatic Mutations in Single Neurons
2017.5.12(Fri.) 16:30 / Semin Lee
Semin Lee PBC Auditorium
2017.4.26(수) 오후4:30 Reimagining Alzheimer's disease: glimpses of three new disease models
2017.4.26(수) 오후4:30 / Prof. Karl Herrup
Prof. Karl Herrup PBC 대강당
2017.4.21(금) 오후4:30 국가 R&D 시스템의 이해 및 바이오의 위치
2017.4.21(금) 오후4:30 / Prof. Kwang-Lae Hoe
Prof. Kwang-Lae Hoe PBC 대강당
2017.4.14(금) 오후1:00 Highly pathogenic avian H5Nx influenza breaks and investigation of their pathogenic potentials
2017.4.14(금) 오후1:00 / Young Ki Choi, DVM, Ph.D.
Young Ki Choi, DVM, Ph.D. 생명관 104호
2017.4.7(금) 오후4:30 Protein S-acylation – a novel mechanism regulating membrane protein function
2017.4.7(금) 오후4:30 / Prof. Piers Hemsley
Prof. Piers Hemsley PBC 대강당
2017.3.31(금) 오후4:30 Autophagy insufficiency is a cause of metabolic syndrome and diabetes-Potential role of autophagy en…
2017.3.31(금) 오후4:30 / Prof. Myung-Shik Lee
Prof. Myung-Shik Lee PBC 대강당
2017.3.23(목) 오후4:30 Genomics and Systems/Synthetic Biology of Microbes and Microbiomes
2017.3.23(목) 오후4:30 / Prof. Jihyun F. Kim
Prof. Jihyun F. Kim PBC 대강당
2017.3.15(수) 오후4:00 Calcium- and Light-gated switch of neuronal activity for gene expression
2017.3.15(수) 오후4:00 / Jung Ho Hyun, Ph.D.
Jung Ho Hyun, Ph.D. 생명관104호
2017.3.10(금) 오후4:30 Golgi outposts are essential to restore terminal dendrite elongation impaired by nuclear proteotoxic…
2017.3.10(금) 오후4:30 / Prof. Sung Bae Lee
Prof. Sung Bae Lee PBC 대강당
2017.3.3(금) 오후4:30 Epigenetic regulation of gene expression dynamics
2017.3.3(금) 오후4:30 / Prof. Tae Soo Kim
Prof. Tae Soo Kim PBC 대강당
2017.2.24(금) 오후4:30 Molecular Genetics of Neurodevelopmental Disease: a story of focal malformation of cortical developm…
2017.2.24(금) 오후4:30 / Prof. Seung Tae Baek
Prof. Seung Tae Baek PBC 대강당
2017.2.2(목) 오후4:30 DJ-1 deficiency impairs synaptic vesicle endocytosis and reavailability at nerve terminals
2017.2.2(목) 오후4:30 / Sung Hyun Kim, Ph.D.
Sung Hyun Kim, Ph.D. 화학관 401호
2016.12.27(화) 오후3:30 Structural and functional analyses of Phytophthora sojae RxLR effector PSR2 reveal functional domain…
2016.12.27(화) 오후3:30 / Du Seok Choi, Ph.D.
Du Seok Choi, Ph.D. PBC 376호
2016.12.16(금) 16:30 Hormonal control of genome integrity in Arabidopsis roots
2016.12.16(금) 16:30 / Prof. Masaaki Umeda
Prof. Masaaki Umeda PBC 대강당
2016.12.13(화) 오후4:00 생명과학과 신임교원 채용 후보 공개세미나
2016.12.13(화) 오후4:00 / Jae-Hoon Jung, Ph.D.
Jae-Hoon Jung, Ph.D. PBC 대강당