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9 Translational control of phloem development by RNA G-quadruplex-JULGI determines plant sink strength…
언론매체 : Ildoo Hwang 2020-03-04
Ildoo Hwang 2018-06 171
8 Direct Profiling the Post-Translational Modification Codes of a Single Protein Immobilized on a Surf…
언론매체 : Sung Ho Ryu 2020-03-04
Sung Ho Ryu 2018-05 170
7 Divergence of Noncoding Regulatory Elements Explains Gene-Phenotype Differences between Human and Mo…
언론매체 : Sanguk Kim 2020-03-04
Sanguk Kim 2018-07 168
6 Quantitative proteomic analysis of trypsin-treated extracellular vesicles to identify the real-vesic…
언론매체 : Yong Song Gho 2020-07-06
Yong Song Gho 2020-04 168
5 Mechanistic understanding of insulin receptor modulation: Implications for the development of anti-d…
언론매체 : Sung Ho Ryu 2020-03-04
Sung Ho Ryu 2018-05 167
4 TCB2, a new anti-human interleukin-2 antibody, facilitates heterodimeric IL-2 receptor signaling and…
언론매체 : You Jeong Lee 2020-07-06
You Jeong Lee 2020-01 155
3 A host target of a bacterial cysteine protease virulence effector plays a key role in convergent evo…
언론매체 : Kee Hoon Sohn 2020-07-06
Kee Hoon Sohn 2020-02 153
2 The application of helix fusion methods in structural biology
언론매체 : Jie-Oh Lee 2020-07-06
Jie-Oh Lee 2020-01 141
1 HIGH CROSSOVER RATE1 encodes PROTEIN PHOSPHATASE X1 and restricts meiotic crossovers in Arabidopsis
언론매체 : Kyuha Choi 2021-04-21
Kyuha Choi 2021-04 76