Graduate program

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  1. Q What are the considerations when I enter the Department of Life and Sciences?

    the business field of BK21 Plus is different.The department of life sciences is the future - based creative talent training business.Intergrative bioscience & Biotechnology conducts a global talent training business.Please check your department and professor before applying.Check the department of the preferred tutor you hope to apply to and select a support department.
    * Department homepage → Graduate course → Enter courses → Make sure to check the selection of a professor!
  2. Q Do I have to contact with professor?

    In our department, the professor of your choice must agree to become your tutor and the most important thing in entering graduate school is the selection of a professor.Therefore, our department encourages you to contact with professor before applying for admission.Through contact, you can consult about your desired research field, career path, and more.
  3. Q If English score exceeds standard score, can I get bonus point for admission?


    Even if your English score exceeds the standard score, you will not be given extra points.
    It will be used as a basic qualification for application regardless of the type of authorized English grade and the excess score.
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