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  • Lab. of Tumor Microenvironment and Metabolism
    How cancer cells alter their metabolism and shape their distinctive metabolic milieu?, how cancer cells and other types of cell harness nutrients in their local environments (or Tumor MicroEnvironements, TMEs) for their benefits?, how systemic metabolism of the host affects TMEs and in turn influences the metabolism of cancer cells are major areas of focus in our lab. The Lee lab conducts research that contributes to the treatment of cancer by understanding the altered metabolic behaviors of cancer cells and identifying vital metabolic mechanisms for cancer growth and survival. The understanding of tumor metabolism has gained significant attention and has become the hallmark of cancer in recent decades. However, previous metabolic studies focused on cancer cells have had limitations due to the insufficient consideration of the tumor\'s growing environment. 1. Our research team aims to analyze and elucidate the metabolic characteristics of the tumor microenvironment (TME) using cutting-edge technologies and ideas. 2. We observe how various types of cancer adapt to their unique metabolic environments through multi-omics approach and 3. further investigate key metabolic mechanisms required for tumor growth and survival in the context of in vivo using state-of-the-art genetically engineered mouse and surgical mouse models, and fresh tissue samples from cancer patients. Our research encompasses the development of therapies, starting from fundamental research to assess whether these key metabolic mechanisms can be utilized as treatment targets. We eagerly await the