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02 FebMatriculation: Ph.D.(2), Integrated(21)
Graduate: Bachelor’s(6), Master’s(8), Ph.D.(2), Integrated(9)
Prof. Yun Ha Hu joined
09 SepMatriculation: Ph.D.(1), Integrated(8)
08 AugProf. Jin-Kwan Han retired
Prof. Jong Hum Kim joined
Graduate: Bachelor’s(4), Master’s(2), Ph.D.(4), Integrated(8)
06 JunProf. Min-Sik Lee joined
02 FebProf. Kyong Tai Kim retired
Matriculation: Ph.D.(1), Integrated(19)
Prof. Woongjae Yoo joined
Graduate: Bachelor’s(14), Master’s(6), Ph.D.(3), Integrated(14)
09 SepMatriculation: Ph.D.(2), Integrated(9)
08 AugProf. Sang Ki Park Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
Graduate: Bachelor’s(2), Master’s(4), Ph.D.(3), Integrated(5)
02 FebProf. Sung Ho Ryu retired
Matriculation: Master’s(1), Ph.D.(2), Integrated(23)
Graduate: Bachelor’s(12), Master’s(8), Ph.D.(1), Integrated(14)
01 JanProf. Jong Kyoung Kim joined
09 SepMatriculation: Integrated(17), Ph.D.(1)
08 AugGraduate: Bachelor’s(14), Master’s(2), Ph.D.(3), Integrated(9)
Prof. Ara Koh, Sekyu Choi joined
02 FebProf. Youngsook Lee retired
Matriculation: Integrated(29)
Graduate: Bachelor’s(18), Master’s(2), Ph.D.(3), Integrated(13)
09 SepSelected in 4th BK21 Project
16 of undergraduate students matriculated in 2019 chosen Life Sciences
08 AugMatriculation: Master’s(1), Ph.D.(3), Integrated(7)
Graduat: Bachelor’s(5), Ph.D.(1), Integrated(5)
06 JunSelected as POSTECH Proteostasis Research Institute
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(18), Master’s(5), Ph.D.(3), Integrated(8)
Matriculation: Integrated(33), Ph.D.(3)
11 NovProf. Kwangsoon Kim joined
09 SepMatriculation: Master’s(1), Ph.D.(2), Integrated(11)
Prof. Yunje Cho Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
Selected as Institute of Membrane Proteins
23 of undergraduate students matriculated in 2018 chosen Life Sciences
08 AugGraduat: Bachelor’s(9), Ph.D.(1), Integrated(8)
05 MayProf. Seung-Yeol Park joined
03 MarProf. Jie-Oh Lee, Young-Jin Kim joined
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(20), Master’s(7), Integrated(4)
Matriculation: Ph.D.(1), Integrated(12)
10 OctProf. Taekyung Kim joined
09 SepMatriculation: Ph.D.(1), Integrated(7)
08 AugGraduat: Bachelor’s(7), Master’s(2), Integrated(10)
06 JunSelected as Neurobiology Research Laboratory
05 MayProf. Jongmin Kim joined
02 FebProf. Kwan Yong Choi retired
Graduat: Bachelor’s(16), Master’s(3), Ph.D.(1), Integrated(8)
Prof.Jiwon Jang joined
Matriculation: integrated(10)
09 SepMatriculation: Ph.D.(2), integrated(6)
08 AugGraduat:Bachelor’s(5), Master’s(2), Ph.D.(4), integrated(5)
06 JunProf.Min-Sung Kim joined
Selection of a SRC leading research center
02 FebProf.Seung Tae Baek, Prof.Kyuha Choi joined
Graduat: Bachelor’s(17), Master’s(1), Ph.D.(2), Integrated(12)
Matriculation: Bachelor’s(26), Ph.D.(1), integrated(18)
01 JanSelection of accelerator based drug development projects
12 DecSelected for the BK21 (Brain Korea21) Project (for 7 years)
02 FebMatriculation: Bachelor’s(20), integrated(11)
Graduat: Bachelor’s(18), Master’s(2),integrated(5)
12 Decselected in interim evaluation of BK21 plus project
09 SepMatriculation: Ph.D.(2)
08 AugGraduat: Bachelor’s(5), Master’s(4), integrated(9)
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s 21명, integrated 12명
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(19), Master’s(4), integrated(8), Ph.D.(1)
09 SepProf. Jin Kwan Han Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
Matriculation: integrated(5), Ph.D.(1)
08 AugGraduat: Bachelor’s(7), Master’s(2),integrated(9)
04 AprCommemoration Ceremony for the 25th Anniversary of Department of Life Sciences
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(22), integrated(14)
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(20), Master’s(2),integrated(10), Ph.D.(2)
09 SepMatriculation: integrated(5)
Selected as ‘BK21 plus project’
08 AugGraduat: Bachelor’s(5), Master’s(4),integrated(10)
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(21), integrated(30),Ph.D.(1)
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(16), Master’s(4),integrated(2), Ph.D.(16)
08 AugGraduat: Bachelor’s(9), Master’s(6),Ph.D.(11)
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(21), integrated(20), Ph.D.(4)
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(24), Master’s(4),integrated(15), Ph.D.(4)
09 SepProf. Sung Key Jang Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
08 AugGraduat: Bachelor’s(6), Master’s(15), integrated(2), Ph.D.(3)
Prof. Yoon-Tai Lee joined
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(25), integrated(31)
02 FebProf. Cheol-Sang Hwang joined
09 SepProf. Young Chul Sung Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Scienc
08 AugGraduat: Bachelor’s(5), Master’s(1), Ph.D.(3)
20 undergraduate, 3 Ph.D., 32 integrated program enrollment
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(27), Master’s(5), Ph.D.(13)
08 Aug 7 Bachelor’s, 5 Master’s, 8 Ph.D. degree commencement
Prof. You-Me Kim joined
03 Mar23 undergraduate, 4 Ph.D. 37 integrated program enrollment
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(35), Master’s(1), Ph.D.(6)
01 JanProf. Seung-Jae Lee joined
09 SepProf. Inhwan Hwang Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
Department of Integrative Biosciences and Biotechnology (IBB) established (selected as WCU project)
08 AugMatriculation: Bachelor’s(4), Master’s(2),
07 JulProf. Tae-Young Roh joined
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(17), Master’s(7), Ph.D.(14)
09 SepProf. Kyong-Tai Kim Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
03 Mar32 undergraduate, 30 integrated, 3 Ph.D. program enrollment
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(27), Master’s(7), Ph.D.(19)
09 SepProf. Jin-Heung Ahn Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
Prof. Sank Ki Park joi
Selected as the 2nd stage of BK21 Project
03 Mar21 undergraduate, 36 integrated, 7 Ph.D. program enrollment
Prof. Sung Ho Ryu appointed as Head of Program of Bio-Molecular Function (the 2nd stage of BK21)
Prof. Yoon-Keun Kim joined
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(36), Master’s(16),
09 SepProf. Youngsook Lee Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences (Head for BK21 project of Division of Molecular and Life Science, Head of Postech Biotech Center)
Prof. Hong-gil Nam appointed as Dean of I-Bio program
Prof. Sung Ho Ryu pointed as Head of Postech Biotech Center
06 JunSchool of Interdisciplinary Bioscience and Bioengineering (I-Bio) established
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(21), integrated (36),
Prof. Sanguk Kim and Prof. Joung-Hun Kim joined
Prof. Young Chul Sung appointed as Head of POSTECH-CATHOLIC Biomedical Engineering Institute
02 FebRanked 1st in the field of Biology/Biotechnology in 2004 Korean Council for University Education department evaluation
Graduat: Bachelor’s(22), Master’s(17), Ph.D.(13)
08 AugProf. Chin Ok Lee retired (selected as an emeritus professor)
07 JulSigned the mutual agreement with National Cancer Center
Voted as next generation materials & human resources development team in New University for Regional Innovation
03 MarProf.Yong Song Gho, Prof.Joo-Yeon Yoo
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(27), Master’s(24), Ph.D.(12)
Matriculation: Bachelor’s(24), Master’s(36), Ph.D.(18)
12 DecSelected as Brain Korea(BK) 21 business
10 OctOpening of Postech Biotech Center
09 SepProf.Hong Gil Nam Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
Selected as Excellent Project Group of ‘Brain Korea (BK) 21’ (ranked 1st)
Selected as Excellent Project Group of Brain Korea (BK) 21 Project (by Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development)
03 MarProf.Kwan Yong Choi Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
Matriculation: Bachelor’s(27), Master’s(33), Ph.D.(9)
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(21), Master’s(27), Ph.D.(9)
10 OctProf.Il-Doo Hwang joined
05 MayA visit of Prof. Paul Greengard, Nobel laureate
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(27), Master’s(42), Ph.D.(15)
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(15), Master’s(29), Ph.D.(15)
01 JanSigned the agreement of academic exchange
11 NovGroundbreaking ceremony for Postech Biotech Center
10 OctProf.Jae Un Lee joined
06 JunVoted as Structural Biology Research Center(Research Director : Yunje Cho)
05 MayProf.Gou-Young Koh joined
Transferred Vascular Endothelial Study Group(Research Director: Gou-Young Koh)
03 MarProf.Seo pan gil Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(24), Master’s(28), Ph.D.(14)
10 OctFormed the department of molecular biologySelected as Biomolecule Recognition Reserch Center(Research Director: Byung-Ha Oh)Selected as Biomolecule Recognition Reserch Center(Research Director: Byung-Ha Oh)
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(30), Master’s(35), Ph.D.(14)
Prof.Yunje Cho, Prof.Young-Yun Kong joined
02 Febraduat: Bachelor’s(16), Master’s(26), Ph.D.(5)
11 NovFormed the department of molecular biology
10 OctProf.Inhwan Hwang joined
09 SepProf.Chi Beom Chae Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
Selected for the BK21 (Brain Korea21) Project in science and technology field
05 MayEstablished Functional Genomics Center (Manager: Gyn heung An)
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(24), Master’s(34), Ph.D.(14)
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(22), Master’s(26), Ph.D.(10)
11 Nov10th anniversary event of POSTECH LIFE SCIENCES
10 OctSeleted as Plant Protein Transfer Study Group
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(22), Master’s(25), Ph.D.(16)
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(26), Master’s(28), Ph.D.(7)
03 MarProf.Gynheung An Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
02 FebCompletion ceremony of Life Sciece and Chemistry Bldg
Graduat: Bachelor’s(23), Master’s(21), Ph.D.(7)
Matriculation: Bachelor’s(28), Master’s(28), Ph.D.(13)
12 Dec10th anniversary event
10 OctProf.Jang Hyun Han Joined
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(25), Master’s(27), Ph.D.(16)
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(18), Master’s(24), Ph.D.(6)
11 NovBegan the construction of Life Science Bldg
07 JulA visit of Harold Varmus, 1989 Nobel laureate
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(26), Master’s(25), Ph.D.(11)
02 FebRanked 1st in the field of Biology/Biotechnology in 1994 KCUE (Korean Council for University Education) Department evaluation
Graduat: Bachelor’s(14), Master’s(19), Ph.D.(2)
01 JanProf.Gynheung An joined
08 AugProf.Byung-Ha Oh joined
06 JunA vist of Prof. Bert Sakmann, 1991 Nobel laureate in Physiology or Medicine
Matriculation : Bachelor’s(25), Master’s(23), h.D.(8)
02 FebGraduat : Bachelor’s(22), Master’s(8)
09 SepProf.Chi Beom Chae joined
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(25), Master’s(20), Ph.D.(9)
02 FebGraduat: Bachelor’s(13), Master’s(13)
01 JanProf.Jin-Kwan Han joined
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(25), Master’s(13), Ph.D.(7)
02 FebGraduat: Master’s(11)
08 AugProf.Sung Key Jang joined
07 JulProf.Hee-Sup Shin joined
Prof.Chin Ok Lee Begins Term of Office Head of Dept. of Life Sciences
Prof.Kyong Tai Kim joined
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(25), Master’s (13), Ph.D.(1)
12 DecProf.Young sook Lee joined
03 MarMatriculation: Bachelor’s(30), Master’s(13)
03 MarDepartment of Life Sciences established
Matriculation: undergraduate(30)
Prof.Sin-Ae Lee(87.8.24), Prof.Hong Gil Nam(88.7.1), Prof.Sung Ho Ryu(88.8.1.), Prof.Seo pan gil(89.1.16), Prof.Kwan Yong Choi(89.3.1), Prof.Young-Chul Sung (89.7.16) joined
12 DecPohang Institute of Science & Technology founded