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The seminar room
Life Science Hall, No. 102-1, No. 104, No. 207, No. 211-1
Date of enforcement
October 10, 2013
Our glass greenhouse is designed as Venlo type with high light transmittance. It is made of double glass to increase thermal insulation. It has perfect temperature, humidity and light control functions of greenhouse life. It can grow any kind of crops at any time It is a state-of-the-art research glasshouse built to experiment. In addition, the stainless steel shelves in each greenhouse are specially customized in the greenhouse for easy experimentation. The greenhouse is easily separated from the greenhouses and can be tested efficiently
Information Use
Greenhouse Location Contact E-mail Phone number
Life Science Hall, 4th Floor Min Su Jeong 054-279-5976
Greenhouse View
Greenhouse Operations
The greenhouse management has a dedicated greenhouse manager, so that the plants required by each laboratory are cultivated under optimal conditions, and the environment, control of nutrient solution, and overall soil composition are supported as well as pest control.
With the latest facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, the Laboratory of Laboratory Science and Laboratory of Life Science, Pohang University of Science and Technology is equipped with the latest animal experimentation and breeding system. The experimental animal room with a total area of 979.35m2 is divided into three rooms including an SPF animal room, a culture room, and a general animal laboratory. The ancillary room includes a breeding management zone such as a small animal breeding room, a Middle East water breeding room, XenopusRoom. It is divided into various experimental areas such as animal laboratory, cell culture room, and behavior analysis room. It has various facilities for breeding, management and experimentation of mouse, rat, guinea pig and rabbit. The air conditioning system of the experimental animal laboratory is the air conditioning system of the experimental animal laboratory and the water supply of the animal is minimized the pollution in the animal room through UV sterilizer water purification (sterilized by UV sterilization).
Information Use
Animal Room Location Contact Person E-mail number
Life Science Building 3F Kim Young-ki(General animal room, SPF animal room) 054-279-5978
Facilities Overview
Location: Chungam-ro 77, Life Science Museum, Nam-gu, Pohang-si
Facility area
Life Bldg. 2F Culture room: 309.6㎡
Life Science Building 3F SPF Animal Room: 345.22㎡
Life Building 3F General animal room: 325.9㎡
Facility overview
- Air conditioning opening: Exterior method (HEAT EXCHANGER) Ventilation time 15 times or more per hour
- Water supply equipment: U. V sterilizer
- Special equipment: CAGE WASHER: 1 unit / SPF Animal room: 1unit of 700liters autoclave
- Safety equipment: Fire extinguishing system, Indoor fire hydrant, Automatic fire alarm system, CARD KEY SYSTEM, CCTV
Organization of Facilities
Breeding facilities: SPF breeding room, general animal breeding room, Culture room
Experimental facility: animal laboratory, operating room, cell culture room
Management facilities: breeding observation, automatic control, purification facilities, etc.
Animal laboratory foreground
- cell culture room
Here, there are equipment that can artificially raise embryo stem cells. Main equipment is clean bench, incubator, electroporator, electromicroscope, centrifuge, water bath. Since embryonic cells have the ability to produce normal individuals through cleavage processes, micro-manipulation of these cells into fertilized mouse embryos can create knock-out mice. This is a place where we keep the sterile cleanliness strictly and do the basic work to remove the various genes by raising the embryo cells separated from the mice.
- Operating room
This operating room is hygienically managed CIEAN ROOM. It has facilities to perform anesthesia with basic surgical tools to perform animal surgery. Micromanipulator that can carry out embryo transfer and gene manipulation is equipped. Transgenic / Knockout Mice are produced and used for experiments.
- Behavior Analysis Room
A laboratory that is responsible for the neuro genetics of behavioral science, which consists of various devices that perform spatial memory, motor ability, and fear memory test on various mice produced by genetic manipulation
Information Use
Location contact E-mail number
Life science building 1,2,3 floors Min Uk Song (Technical Service) 054-279-8182
Public equipment
Equipment NO
Equipment Name
Quantity local situation
Department Major Equipment A-1 Table top Ultracentrifuge 1 306
A-2 Spectrofluorimeter 1 114
A-3 Spectrophotometer(UV) 5 114(2), 206, 306(2)
A-4 Ice Maker 7 114(2), 206(3), 306(2)
A-5 Sonicator 2 206
A-6 Autoclave 4 114(2), 206, 306
A-7 Cold Chamber 2 206,306
A-8 Water Distillation Unit 3 114,206,306
A-9 Water Purification System 4 114(2), 206,306
A-10 Up-Ro-watwr Purification System 2 206,306
A-11 Speed-vac Concentrator 1 114
A-12 Shaking lncubator 8 114(2), 206(3), 306(3)
A-13 Incubator 1 206
A-14 High-speed Centrifuge 7 114(2), 206(3), 306(2)
A-15 Ultracentrifuge 4 114, 206(2), 306
A-16 Lyophilizer 2 114, 206
A-17 Deep Freezer 1 114
A-18 Analytical Centrifuge 1 114-2
A-19 Nano Drop Spectrophotometer(UV) 1 206
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Pubic Equipmet 


Isotopes Room 

B-1 CO2 Incubator 1 209
B-2 Centrifuges 5 209
B-3 Automatic Gamma Counter 1 209
B-5 FREEZER 1 209
B-6 Hand/FootMonitor 1 209
B-7 WATER BATH 2 209
B-9 UV LIGHT SET 1 209
B-10 PCR SYSTEM 1 209
B-11 INCUBATOR 1 209
B-13 OVEN 1 209
소계 21