Research Highlight
The LBD11-ROS feedback regulatory loop…

Ildoo Hwang

The LBD11-ROS feedback regulatory loop modulates vascular cambium proliferation and secondary growth in Arabidopsis

Mol Plant . 2023 Jul 3;16(7):1131-1145

Genome-wide kinase-MAM interactome scr…

Sang Ki Park

Genome-wide kinase-MAM interactome screening reveals the role of CK2A1 in MAM Ca2+ dynamics linked to DEE66

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A . 2023 Aug 8;120(32):e2303402120

Impaired BCAA catabolism in adipose ti…

Jong Kyoung Kim

Impaired BCAA catabolism in adipose tissues promotes age-associated metabolic derangement

Nature Aging