Molecular, cellular and circuit mechanisms that link memories across t…

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  • 2017-01-06


[2016 Fall Life Sciences & IBB Regular Seminar]
                  ▶Subject: Molecular, cellular and circuit mechanisms that link memories across time
                  ▶Speaker: Prof. Alcino J. Silva
                    (Departments of Neurobiology, Psychology, Psychiatry,Integrative Center for Learning and Memory and Brain Research Institute, UCLA)

                  ▶Date: 4:30PM/Oct. 11(Tue.)/2016
                  ▶Place: Auditorium(1F), Postech Biotech Center
                  In the last 20 years, there have been significant advances in the molecular, cellular, and systems mechanisms underlying the storage of single memories. Real-world memory, however, involves the integration of multiple memories across time, with one memory affecting how others are processed and stored. Using a number of techniques including in vivo calcium imaging (with head-mounted fluorescent microscopes in freely behaving mice), the TetTag transgenic system, optogenetics, electrophysiology, 2-photon microscopy and novel behavioral designs, we showed that memory allocation mechanisms can trigger increases in excitability that then affect both the allocation and strength of subsequent memories, thus providing a mechanism that links memories across time.

              ▶Inquiry: Prof. Joung-Hun Kim (279-2347)
                    * This seminar will be given in English.
                please refrain from taking photos during seminars. *