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| Education |
B.S., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (1991)
M.S., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (1993)
Ph.D., University of Virginia, USA (2001)

| Career |
2001~2006: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Harvard Medical School/Howard Hughes Medical Institute
2006~2006: Postdoctoral Associate, MIT/Picower Institute of Learning and Memory
2004~2008: NARSAD Young Investigator
2006~2012: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Life Sciences, POSTECH
2013~Present: Associate professor, Dept. of Life Sciences, POSTECH
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5. Park YU et al. (2010) PNAS 107:17785-90.
6. Park SK et al. (2005) Cell 122:275-287
| Research Areas |
Modulation of dopamine receptor-mediated signaling
- Dopamine is one of the most functionally prevalent neurotransmitters in the vertebrate brain. Its role in higher brain functions is mediated by five subtypes of dopamine receptors. Among them, dopamine D2 receptor (D2DR) has been implicated in major psychiatric diseases including mood disorders, schizophrenia and drug addiction. We are attempting to identify modulatory components in D2DR-mediated signaling in the context of higher brain functions and the pathogenesis of associated disorders.
Molecular modeling of schizophrenia
- Schizophrenia is a complex psychiatric disorder that is thought to have both neurochemical and neurodevelopmental causes in its pathogenesis. The complexity of the pathogenesis has been interfering establishment of the genuine molecular model. Recent advances in human genetics provided reliable candidategenes causative in the expression of schizophrenia. We attempt to understand their physiological function to elucidate the molecular basis of schizophrenia.