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Seminar 목록
Date Subject Speaker Place
2016.5.19(목) dhgn4:30 Time resolved femtosecond crystallography towards molecular movies of biomolecules
2016.5.19(목) dhgn4:30 / Prof. Petra Fromme
Prof. Petra Fromme PBC 대강당
2016.5.16(월) 오전11:00 Genetic Models of Autism: Molecules to Potential Therapeutics
2016.5.16(월) 오전11:00 / Prof. Craig M. Powell
Prof. Craig M. Powell PBC 대강당
2016.5.13(금) 오후4:00 Structural insights into primary microRNA processing
2016.5.13(금) 오후4:00 / Prof. Jae-Sung Woo
Prof. Jae-Sung Woo PBC 대강당
2016.5.12(목) 오후4:30 Establishing the tonotopy: sound frequency discrimination of the auditory neurosensory organ
2016.5.12(목) 오후4:30 / Prof. Jinwoong Bok
Prof. Jinwoong Bok PBC 대강당
2016.5.6(금) 오후4:00 Function and regulation of the plant SnRK1 energy-sensing kinase
2016.5.6(금) 오후4:00 / Prof. Filip Rolland
Prof. Filip Rolland PBC 대강당
2016.4.25(월) 오후5:00 Identification of a Novel Transcription Coactivator involved in the CBL9-CIPK1 Signaling Pathway in …
2016.4.25(월) 오후5:00 / Prof. Kyung-Nam Kim
Prof. Kyung-Nam Kim PBC 276호
2016.4.21(목) 오후4:30 Regulation of Ciliogenesis
2016.4.21(목) 오후4:30 / Prof. Joon Kim
Prof. Joon Kim PBC 대강당
2016.4.15(금) 오후4:10 Deciphering the role of chromatin insulator CTCF in dendritic cells
2016.4.15(금) 오후4:10 / Prof. Hyoung-Pyo Kim
Prof. Hyoung-Pyo Kim PBC 대강당
2016.4.8(금) 오후4:00 Genetic and Epigenetic Determinants of Longevity in C. elegans
2016.4.8(금) 오후4:00 / Prof. Siu Sylvia Lee
Prof. Siu Sylvia Lee PBC 대강당
2016.4.1(금) 오후4:00 Unconventional Protein Secretion
2016.4.1(금) 오후4:00 / Min Goo Lee, MD, PhD.
Min Goo Lee, MD, PhD. PBC 대강당
2016.3.31(목) 오후4:30 Multi-Factorial Modulation of an Innate Behavior
2016.3.31(목) 오후4:30 / Prof. Young-Joon Kim
Prof. Young-Joon Kim PBC 대강당
2016.3.25(금) 오후4:00 Translation initiation on mRNAs bound by nuclear cap-binding complex
2016.3.25(금) 오후4:00 / Prof.Yoon Ki Kim
Prof.Yoon Ki Kim PBC 대강당
2016.3.25(금) 오전11:00 Structural basis for cyclic nucleotide selectivity in cGMP dependent protein kinases
2016.3.25(금) 오전11:00 / Choel Kim, Ph.D.
Choel Kim, Ph.D. 화학관401호
2016.3.18(금) 오후4:10 Cell type-specific gene expression regulated by intragenic CpG islands
2016.3.18(금) 오후4:10 / Prof.Young-Joon Kim
Prof.Young-Joon Kim PBC 대강당
2016.3.17(목) 오후4:30 Dynamic regulation of axonal mRNA translation during assembly and maintenance of the central nervous…
2016.3.17(목) 오후4:30 / Prof. Hosung Jung
Prof. Hosung Jung PBC 대강당