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| Education |
B.S., Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea (1996)
M.S., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (1998)
Ph.D., Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea (2002)

| Career |
2002~2007: Visiting Fellow, NIH
2007~2008: Research Fellow, NIH
2008~2015: POSTECH, Assistant Professor
2015~Present: POSTECH, Associate Professor
2016~2017: Visiting Professor, NIH
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2. Hur J. et al., (2016) Cell Stem Cell. 18, 508
3. Lee D. et al., (2015) Genes Dev., 29, 2490
4. Kwon Y.W. et al., (2015) Biomaterial, 59, 102
5. Khan A.A. et al., (2015) Epigenomics, 7, 75-84
6. Park J. et al., (2014) AIDS, 28, 1719-1728
| Research Areas |
Epigenetic mechanism in intestinal organoid
- Cell differentiation and tissue formation are being studies in terms of epigenetic regulation using stem cells and intestinal stem cells.
Chromatin architecture and function
- Transcriptional regulation occurs via interactions between proteins and functional elements in the context of chromatin. Novel functional elements could be found by intensive analysis of genomic data.
New technology development for epigenome study
- Epigenomic and genomic big data generated in the lab together with published data is utilized to develop novel analytical algorithm and to identify therapeutic targets for clinical application using patient data.