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| Education |
B.S., Seoul National University/Botany, Seoul, Korea (1978)
M.S., Seoul National University/Botany, Seoul, Korea (1980)
Ph.D., The University of Connecticut/Molecular and Cellular Biology, Storrs, USA (1988)
Postdoctoral training, Harvard University, USA (1988-1990)

| Career |
1991~Present: Assistant, Associate, full Professor/Department of Life Sciences/POSTECH
2005~2006: Chair/Department of Life Sciences/POSTECH
1. S. Kim, H. Kim, D. Ko, Y. Yamaoka, M. Otsuru, M. Kawai-Yamada, T. Ishikawa, H-M Oh, I. Nishida, Y. Li-Beisson, Y. Lee. 2013 Rapid Induction of Lipid Droplets in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Chlorella vulgaris by Brefeldin A. Plos One, 8:e81978
2. D.H. Ko, J.Y. Kang, T. Kiba, J. Y. Park, M. Kojima, J. Do, K. Y. Kim, M. Kwon, A. Endler, W.Y. Song, E. Martinoia, H. Sakakibara and Y. Lee* 2014 Arabidopsis ABCG14 is essential for the root-to-shoot translocation of cytokinin. PNAS USA, 111: 7150-5
3. W.-Y. Song, T. Yamaki, N. Yamaji, D.H. Ko, K.-H. Jung, M. Fujii, G.H. An, E. Martinoia, Y. Lee *, and J. F. Ma* 2014 A rice ABC transporter, OsABCC1, reduces arsenic accumulation in the grain. PNAS USA, 111:15699-704
4. J. Kang, S. Yim, H. Choi, A. Kim, K. P. Lee, L. Lopez-Molina, E.Martinoia, Y.Lee* 2015 Abscisic acid transporters cooperate to control seed germination. Nature Communications. Doi:10.1038/ncomms9113
5. D.Khare, N.Mitsuda, S.Lee, W.Y. Song, D.Hwang, M.Takagi, E.Martinoia, Y. Lee*, J.U. Hwang 2017 Root avoidance of toxic metals requires the GeBP-LIKE 4 transcription factor in Arabidopsis thaliana. New Phytologist, vol. 213: 1257-1273
| Research Areas |
ABC transporters of plants and phytoremediation
Plant and algae-based bio-energy production