The Department of Life Science (DLS) at POSTECH annually admits 25 undergraduate students. The undergraduate program emphasizes fundamental concepts and principles underlying life phenomena. In addition to providing a strong foundation for students heading for higher degrees in research and academia, the Department also prepares them for careers in industry. Senior students are encouraged to participate in individual research programs to strengthen problem-solving capabilities.

To graduate, students need a total of 120 credit hours - 29 in Humanities & Social Sciences, 26 in General University Requirements in Mathematics, Physics, Life Science, Chemistry, and Computer Science, 46 credit hours of Major Requirements and Major Electives, and 19 Free Electives. Major Requirements include 18 credit hours in Cell Biology (+Lab), Biochemistry (+Lab), Molecular Biology (+Lab), and an Undergraduate Thesis, while Major Electives of 28 credit hours are chosen from courses offered by the DLS and some of those offered by other related departments. In addition, students are required to participate in faculty research starting from junior year and complete a satisfactory graduation thesis.

The double major program, which combines the requirements of the departmental major with those of another department, offers many electives and provides students with broader career opportunities. The Department encourages students from other departments to take the double major program with the DLS, and the number is now increasing.

Particularly, the Department is open to foreign students as well as local students for research internships. During the summer term, it also provides a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program for selected students from both at home and abroad