Research centers
Biotechnology Research Center
The Biotechnology Research Center aims to contribute to the development of Korea’s biotechnology and promote international research by driving projects based on long-term and comprehensive goals with related research groups with different specialties. We are also committed to promoting interdisciplinary joint research between industries, academia and research institutes to combine academic theories and technology.
Some of our goal-oriented research going on include drug development, vaccine and gene therapy development, animal disease model development, new plant breeding, novel gene discovery and function research, bioprocess development, environment preservation and phytoremediation technology research and bioorganic material study based on fields such as biochemical, molecular biology, genetics, physiology, molecular plant science, virology, neuroscience, structural biology, developmental biology, biotechnology, medical chemistry.
Postech Biotech Center
Jointly founded with POSCO in 2000, the Postech Biotech Center is a dedicated biotechnology research organization that is committed to helping develop industries and human welfare of our country with its outstanding researchers and technologies.
Based on its stable biotechnology research infrastructure model, the Postech Biotech Center strives to vitalize the development of source technologies that are essential for developing new drugs. We are also committed to actively participating in cutting-edge convergence technology industries, the government’s strategy for a new growth driver and a key technology for future industry, to help create high added-values and high-skilled people as well as to make POSTECH one of the top research universities in the world with its vision 2020.

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