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2020/2021 Graduate school admissions guide

The Department of Life Sciences of POSTECH is committed to becoming a world-leading science department based on flexibility, diversity and excellence. We invite new students who are ready to lead the life science community with their creativity and passion.
[1] 2020-2021 Life Sciences Department Graduate admissions guideline
- Applicants must fill out the first, second and third-choice academic advisors with explaining the reason of selection on ‘Research Plan’ of the application form.
- Check the instruction of ‘choosing an academic advisor’ beforehand.
- It is recommended to contact one’s desired academic advisor before the application.
Graduate (MS-Ph.D. integrated, Ph.D. course) admissions timeline


Application Period

First round

Second round

On-line application and documents submission

   ~April 24 (Tue)

  ~October 16 (Tue)

Announcement of 1st selection

May 17 (Thu)

November 1 (Thu)

Interview and oral test

May  24 (Wed)  

November 7 (Wed) expected

Announcement of final selection

June 12 (Tue)

November 27 (Tue)


September, 2018 enrollment : registration in August, 2018
March, 2019 enrollment : registration in February, 2019

[2] Application eligibility
1. MS-Ph.D. integrated course
- Applicants who hold, or expect to hold a bachelor’s degree from a domestic or foreign university.
- Applicants who are approved to have equivalent academic background to above requirements by Ordinance.
2. Ph.D. course
- Applicants who hold, or expect to hold a master’s degree from a domestic or foreign university.
- Applicants who are approved to have equivalent academic background to above requirements by Ordinance.
3. Nationality
- Applicants who hold Korean nationality
* Korean citizens who hold another citizenship, applicants who are Korean national residing abroad with permanent residence, and Korean graduates of International School located in Korea are not eligible for International Admissions.
4. Common requirements
- There could be no selection regardless of prescribed quota if applicants have unqualified scholastic aptitude.
- All the applicants for general graduate program must meet the one of the following English Proficiency requirements.
(Submitting English Proficiency test report with unqualified score will be recognized as an incompletion of application documents by verification.)
- POSTECH TOEFL 550 or higher
- One of the minimum requirements for the following recognized English Proficiency Test (regular exams or special exams organized by POSTECH)
550 79 800 637 6.0
- Exemptions from English Proficiency (see detail information on the guideline for writing an application)
• Applicants who (expected to) have graduated from the English-speaking university. (Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Great Britain, or the United States)
• Applicants who completed the whole course of final academic degree in English.
• Applicants who hold, or expect to hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree from POSTECH
(Applicants who expect to have bachelor’s degree from POSTECH must meet English Proficiency requirement of undergraduate program even though they accepted by Graduate program.)

Admissions procedure

First step : Document Appraisal
[1] Evaluation elements and method
Decisions from document appraisal are made by overall evaluation of applicant’s personal statement, study plan, research performance, etc., based on academic achievements (Grade Point Average, GPA) by the graduate school committee of the department.
[2] Evaluation criteria
- Considering applicant’s superiority of academic achievements, diverse experience and career of research participation from undergraduate course,
- Applicant who has research accomplishments during undergraduate course is assessed as an outstanding candidate.
- Applicant who has published a paper in a journal registered in SCI(E) (defined by the department) is assessed as a successful applicant.
Second step : Oral test (interview)
[1] Evaluation elements and method
- Overall evaluation of applicant’s expertise of the major, capability and attitude by oral test (15min per person) by examiners from each section
- In case of Ph.D. program, overall evaluation is made by a presentation of applicant’s research achievements from the master’s course and research plan for the Ph.D. course including a question and answer session.
- Outstanding applicant from the document appraisal will be assessed only by personality interview
[2] Evaluation criteria
- Expertise (knowledge, research experience) 40%, capability (logical thinking, reasoning power, creativity, presentation skill) 40%, attitude (diligence, willingness) 20%.
- In case of Ph.D. program, three elements including expertise, capability, and attitude are evaluated by the oral interview
1. MS-Ph.D. integrated program
Oral test : oral interview for life science major
Subjects for interview
① Choose 1 among Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and choose 1 life science-related subject among Genetics, Physiology, Biophysics, Plant Biology, Immunology, Neurobiology, Developmental Biology, Bioinformatics, etc. considering one’s previous and desired major. Applicant’s basic knowledge of total 2 subjects are evaluated
② It is allowed to choose 2 subjects among Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Cell Biology. (optional)

2. Ph.D. program
Oral test
Applicant’s basic knowledge is evaluated by questions of the research content and one’s specialty within an hour-interview including 20 minute-presentation of the research paper.
Evaluation criteria
Three elements including expertise, capability, and attitude are evaluated

Admissions office : Life Sciences department administration

Person in charge E-mail contact
Administrative manager 054-279-8181
Admissions officer 054-279-2997