Dissertation guideline

Dissertation for evaluation

[1] Guidelines
① Must be written in Korean or English, no limitation on quantity
② Use a Word Processer
③ B5 size (185mmx255mm)
④ Abstract needs to be up to 1,000 words in English. Summary around 2,000 characters in Korean should be attached if the dissertation is written in English.
⑤ Must submit 3 copies of dissertations to one’s thesis committee for MS candidate and 5 copies for Ph.D. candidate..

[2] Submission deadline : 15 days prior to dissertation examination

Dissertation for submission

1 bound copy of a dissertation should be summited to the Department Office, 4 bound copies of dissertation and electronic document form should be submitted to the Tae-Joon Park Digital Library after the dissertation for the degree of MS or Ph.D. is passed by the committee.

[1] Guidelines
① Print a front cover of the dissertation in Korean, the name of the submitter should be in Korean followed by Chinese characters in the brackets. Dissertation should be bounded in black hardcover.
② Insert a title page with the title of the dissertation written both in Korean and English next to the front cover.
③ B5 size, white papers
④ Write contents in both Korean and English using a Word Processor and print the original copy.
⑤ Use offset printing to preserve original colors of pictures
⑥ Bind dissertation with a seal of examination approval after printing
⑦ Other covers and texts should be written by the standard according to the general rules for writing dissertation..
⑧Authority delegation issue must be specified at the end of the dissertation.

[2]Submission period
Prospective graduates in February Prospective graduates in August
January 6 of the current year July 6 of the current year

[3] Degree withhold
Conferment of degree of a student who did not meet the above deadline for one’s dissertation submission is postponed until next semester regardless of the result from the evaluation of dissertation by the committee

[4] Note
A title of the dissertation for submission must be identical with the title from the evaluation report

Request for Evaluation of Doctoral dissertation

① Submit copies of dissertation to all the members of one’s evaluation committee by 15 days prior to the evaluation.
② Student must fill out the section of Request for Evaluation of dissertation on POVIS and print it out, receive confirmation from one’s academic advisor, and finally submit it to the dean of the graduate school through the approval from the dean of the department. (register the international journal of one’s publication and attach affiliated documents)

- Documents for submission : Request for Evaluation of doctoral dissertation

Outline for dissertation writing

① Prefatory page
② Title page (in Korean and English)
③ Certification of dissertation submission (in English)
④ Seal of approval for dissertation evaluation
⑤ Abstract
⑥ Blank page
⑦ Table of contents
⑧ Body of textbr>   - Introduction
  - Nomenclature
  - Theoretical & mathematical development
  - Experimental method & materials
  - Results
  - Discussion
  - Conclusions
⑨ Summary in Korean (when the body text is written in English)
⑩ References
⑪ Acknowledgements
⑫ Curriculum Vitae
⑬ Blank page
⑭ Endnotes
(Contents cannot be modified by a writer except body of text (introduction ~ conclusion))

Guideline for Dissertation file

① Available file formats
- documents : Latex if recommended for HWP, DOC, GUL, PPT, XLS, TXT. Must be converted to PDF and uploaded.
② Other file formats must be converted to PS(Post Script) or PDF and uploaded.
③ Composition of Dissertation file
- the identical title with the bound dissertation
- whole contests including title paper, abstract and figures must be uploaded as a single file.
④ Must be uploaded after verification of virus infection
⑤ Do not compress a file when you save it

On-line registration of dissertation

Procedure for on-line registration of dissertation in electronic file format is following..
After the list of prospective graduates is uploaded on ‘Submit thesis’ on the website by a person in charge of dissertation in the library,

① Select ‘Submit thesis’ at the bottom-center of the main page of library website and log in with one’s student number and resident registration number.
② First, install Acrobat Reader and then PDF creator, even though Acrobat Reader has been already installed on one’s own PC (installation of Acrobat Reader must be prior to PDF creator for the normal operation.).
③ Open one’s original dissertation file from own PC, tap file ▶ print sequentially.
④ Select ‘submit thesis (Adobe PDF compatible)’ for the name of print on printer settings and tap the print icon. (In case of PDF format, click Start (on the desktop) ▶ Program ▶ Unidocs ▶ open a file saved ▶ exPDF AnyWhere ▶ tap ‘POSTECH on-line thesis submission’ and then go straight to (6) and continue.)
⑤ Run exPDF AnyWHERE 1.0 program to convert the original file to PDF file. Confirm the contents of PDF file including fonts or layout comparing with the original version.
⑥ Click a square cap icon at the top-left corner
⑦ When a pop up window of thesis management system comes up, pages section at the bottom of PDF Viewer, enter the pages of index excluding list of figures and tables and only the start page of body text on the page section at the bottom of PDF Viewer, then tap an index extraction(E) icon to print the index extracted in index information tap.
⑧ Click index examination icon to compare the content of index page and the original index of the body text. Error message comes up and ‘!’ mark is put on the relevant index if there is an error.
⑨ Index modification icon is activated if there is an error. Index information is automatically modified based on the content of body text by tapping index modification icon.
⑩ In case of failure in modification through above procedures, manual modification is required by checking several factors including index content, step and page. Addition and deletion of index categories are available using pop up menu by right-click.
⑪ Click Thesis registration(R) icon and log into Thesis on-line submission with one’s student number and resident registration number.
⑫ In ‘select original file’ section at the bottom of the screen, click ‘search’ and select the original file..
⑬ Enter information of submitter and bibliography, attach the original file, registration (PDF file is automatically uploaded) and save .
⑭ After registration, printout disclosure agreement from ‘resource’ at the top of Submit Thesis window, sigh and submit it with 4 copies of dissertation to dissertation submission office in the library (room 210)..

English nomenclature of the Department

Department of ~(~ program)
Department of Life Sciences