Academic advisor selection

Choose one’s desired academic advisor

Applicants must fill out the first, second and third-choice academic advisors with explaining the reason of selection on ‘Research Plan’ of the application form
Life Sciences Department has been selected for BK21 plus project (for Developing Future-Base-Creating Human Resources – fostering excellent graduate school and supporting scholarship).
In addition, the project for Developing Global Human Resources has been conducted by IBB department.
Make sure to check the belonging department of faculty for the information of application

Faculty Introduction

Life Sciences Faculty
Yong Song Gho
Lab. of Intercellular Communication Network
Sanguk Kim
Structural Bioinformatics Lab.
Joung-Hun Kim
Lab. of Molecular Neuroscience
Sung Ho Ryu
Signaling Proteome Lab.
Sang Ki Park
Lab. of Molecular Neuro Psychiatry
Kee Hoon Sohn
Lab. of Plant Immunity
Kunyoo Shin
Stem Cell & Cancer Biology lab.
Joo-Yeon Yoo
Molecular Genomics & Immunology Lab.
Yoontae Lee
Lab. of Cancer and Immune Regulation
Sung Key Jang
Molecular Virology Lab.
Yunje Cho
Lab. of Tumor Suppressor and Oncogene
Jin-Kwan Han
Developmental Biology Lab.
Il-Doo Hwang
Development Signaling Network lab.
Cheol-Sang Hwang
Lab. of Molecular and Cellular Signaling
Jiwon Jang
Human Embryonic Stem Cell
Kyuha Choi
Lab. of Plant Genomic Recombination
Taekyung Kim
Lab. of Neuroepigenetics
Kyong Tai Kim
Lab. of Molecular Neurophysiology
Tae-Young Roh
Lab. of System Genomics
Young-Chul Sung
Viral & Cellular Immunology lab.
Youngsook Lee
Lab. of the Plant Cell Biology
Seung-Woo Lee
Cellular Immunology Lab.
Sin-Hyeog Im
Lab. of Immune Regulation and Tolerance
Inhwan Hwang
Cellular Systems Biology
You Jeong Lee
Lab. of T cell development
Seung Tae Baek
Lab. of Neurogenetics
Min-Sung Kim
Lab. of Structural Biology of Macromolecular Interactions
Jongmin Kim
Synthetic Biology and Molecular Computing Lab