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Track & Faculty To better coordinate research and education in graduate program, the Program has adopted a Track System of four major tracks of Structural and Molecular Biology, Molecular Medicine, Cellular & Developmental Biology, and Plant Sciences. Each track provides recommended courses and guides graduate students coherently throughout the program.
Track 1 : Structural & Molecular Biology
Based on the knowledge accumulated from protein crystallography, protein engineering, biophysics, bioinformatics, and so on, the Structural and Molecular Biology Group of POSTECH Life Science is trying to elucidate the mechanism of target proteins at the molecular level which play as the sources for various diseases in living organisms. They are also conducting systematic education from basics to applications through research and development of useful bio-activators by effectively controlling and/or activating the target proteins. Particularly, they train the students to become scientists with differentiated international competitiveness which can be readily applied to industry by fusing such leading-edge techniques as protein recognition of computational chemistry, inhibitor designing, spectroscopic analysis, mass analysis, and so on with research techniques of life science, and conducting highly intensive interdisciplinary researches.
Track 2 : Molecular Medicine
Based on in-depth understanding of molecular properties of components of living organisms, fundamental principles in their interrelationship, and how they are related with human diseases, the Molecular Medicine Group try to provide the students with systematic education covering from basics to application so that the knowledge base can be utilized for research and development of new drugs. Focusing on disease areas related with immunology, inflammation, infection, allergy, and so on, the Group aim to produce competent scientists with specialized capacity and leadership in the field of molecular medicine.
Track 3 : Cellular & Developmental Biology
Reflecting the paradigm shift in life science research after the successful completion of the Genome Project, the Cellular and Developmental Biology Group provide a wide-range education not only to elucidate the individual function of bio-components but also to promote understanding of intra-, inter-cellular, network functioning of these components. Students are encouraged for quantitative and convergent thinking of life phenomena, and are educated to become creative and frontier scientists who can create new knowledge and technology through flexible thinking and attitudes.
Track 4 : Plant Sciences
The Plant Sciences Group educate the students to understand the whole process of development and growth in various plants from the stage of 발아 to that of senescence at molecular and cellular levels. They also aim to apply the accumulated knowledge and information through elucidation of fundamental principles of plant systems into plant biotechnology. Students play critical roles for conducting researches to achieve these objectives. Ultimately, the program focuses on producing competent scientists who can be future leaders in the field of plant sciences after graduation.