Department committee
구분 위원장 위원 담당업무
Search Committee Yong Song Gho

Sang Ki Park , Seung-Woo LeeKee Hoon Sohn,

Kunyoo Shin 

Human Resources CommitteeKunyoo Shin, Jin-Kwan Han  Yong Song GhoSung Ho RyuSung Key Jang,
Yunje Cho, Inhwan Hwang

- Deliberations and decisions related to departmental personnel
- Information related to the personnel (full-time and part-time)
- Deliberation on recruitment of new professors
Teacher Promotion / Retention

- Information about full-time teaching assistant

Bachelor's Committee
       Sang Ki Park

Sanguk Kim, Sung Ho RyuSeung-Woo LeeInhwan HwangSeung-Jae Lee, Tae-Young Roh

- General policy work
- Curriculum Policy Review
- Information concerning admission to undergraduate school
- Operation of undergraduate / graduate curriculum
- Undergraduate life / career guidance
- Acceptance of undergraduate student short-term study
- Graduate student teaching assistant
Graduate School Committee
Yunje Cho, Sin-Hyeog Im

Yong Song Gho, Tae-Young RohJoung-Hun Kim,
Sung Key JangCheol-Sang HwangYoungsook Lee,G-One Ahn

- Graduate school entrance examination and related work
- Graduate degree award
- Major policies of graduate school operation
- Graduate School Operations
- Scholarship selection and recommendation
Public Relations Committee
Seung-Jae Lee

Kee Hoon Sohn, Yumi KimKwan Yong Choi,You Jeong LeeSeung Tae BaekKyuha ChoiKunyoo ShinMin-Sung Kim 

- Publicity activities related to various departments and entrance examination
- Publicity activities for undergraduate students
- Public relations activities for graduate school admissions and professor recommendation of various awards from inside and outside
- Internal and external cooperation and promotion
Equipment and Facilities Committee
Joung-Hun Kim

Sin-Hyeog Im, Yunje ChoKwan Yong Choi, Yumi Kim, Youngsook Lee, 황Cheol-Sang Hwang, G-One Ahn


- Introduction and management of equipment

- Facility safety management (radioisotope, etc.) 

Use of equipment and equipment fee
SPACE management
- Laboratory safety management