Academic administration




Implementation of administrative optimization that enables "research and education appropriate to the organization leading the world's academic world"


1. We provide the best administrative support and environment for cultivating progressive and creative scientists who will have future global leadership in the field of life sciences and will carry out multifaceted fusion research.

2. We develop and implement various public relations programs, which students can strengthen their choice of colleges through career exploration.

3. We will strive to grow the personal expertise with changes in the internal and external environment, and optimize the system to provide the best service.

4. We Support the creation of research results with significant influence in area with the mid- and long-term department development plan, and create an ethical environment to secure competitiveness of the research.

5. We construct a connective cooperation system with related departments (departments, centers, and research institutes) for sharing resources to improve education and research activities.


행정팀장 유은철
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