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포항공과대학교 이학장 생명과학과 주임교수 한진관 Dean of Science, POSTECH
Head, Dept. of Life Sciences
Han, Jin Kwan

  • Welcome to Department of Life Sciences

    Our department first used the name ‘Life Sciences’ in Korea, and was established in March 1989, 2 years after establishment of POSTECH, with a vision to develop into an internationally renowned department based on outstanding research achievements.
    Department of Life Sciences aims to raise scientists with creativity, progressiveness, and global leadership, and lead at least 2 research fields of life sciences by constantly producing academically and industrially ground-breaking research results.
    It is our philosophy to educate small but excellent students. Accordingly we emphasize research oriented education, and focus on graduate school Ph.D. program.
    We conduct high impact research based on research funding from the University, government, and companies.

    『 Beyond Future, Beyond Thinking
    To nurture the next generation of talented leaders,
    providing them with experience and creative-thinking skills 』

    We steadily develop and improve our undergraduate curriculum undergraduate program to comply with dynamic changes and request of the society. We not only provide knowledge and information sufficient for successful career in life sciences field, but also put great effort into cultivating innovative research capacity of each student.
    As for graduate school program, it is our goal to raise leading scientists with the ability to carry out innovative research in multiple creative approaches. In order to achieve this goal, we maintain intimate network with various fields of life sciences, and teach in-depth lectures and experiments in accordance with latest trends.
    Everyone who is interested in understanding and unveiling the mysteries and secrets of life science is welcome at Dept. of Life Sciences, POSTECH!
  • 포항공과대학교 이학장 생명과학과 주임교수 한진관 Dean of Science, POSTECH
    Head, Dept. of Life Sciences
    Jin Kwan Han